The Hooded Kṣitigarbha (Dizang) in the cross- cultural transmission of Buddhism on the Silk Road



Speaker: Professor Zhiru Ng (Professor of Religious Studies; Chair of Religious Studies; Coordinator of Asian Studies, Pomona College) 



Date and Time:  

(PST) 19:00-20:30, 18th March 2022;  

(PDT) 20:00-21:30, 18th March 2022;  

(HKT) 11:00-12:30, 19th March 2022;  


Language: English 



The lecture will explore the "hooded monk" imagery through both its associations with the bodhisattva Kitigatbha 地藏 and the meditation monk 禪僧.  The hooded Kitigarbha is a popular Iconography that appeared in both Northwestern and Southwestern Chinese Buddhist cave art.  The presentation will clarify the relationship between the hooded Kitigarbha and the meditation monk to trace the history of the head covering and its impact on non-Buddhist culture in East Asia.